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   June 23, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions
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NOTE - This FAQ is for questions concerning the classified advertising website.

We're collecting questions from you to share with everyone. If you're thinking of a question, so are 10 other people. So ask away and we'll share the answers with everyone!

Q - How do I upload picture(s) for my ad?
A - After you submit your ad, in "Ad Manager" you'll see a column with a camera icon (0). In that colum is a number that shows how many pictures you have uploaded for each of your ads. Click on the number and our Picture Manager will open. This is where you upload your pictures and put the captions in for each picture.


Q - I don't want to use a credit card to list my RV, can I send a check by US Mail?  Also, can I send you a photogragh because I don't have a digital camera?
A - You sure can! These options will take a little longer, but there are actually two ways to do it;
  • Go through the normal RV ad creation process on the website. At the end of the process, instead of paying by credit card there will be a button that reads "I would rather send a check for $xx.xx". If you click this button it will give you a printable form to send with your payment and picture(s) for free scanning. If you would like the picture(s) back, please include a SASE.
  • Go to http:// and print the form, fill it out and send it with check and pictures to be scanned for free to the address on the form. If you would like the picture(s) back, please include a SASE.


Q - How come it says "ad runs until sold" but there is an "renewal date" on my ad?
A - We use a "renewal date" for private party ads for our advertisers convenience. If the RV is sold, the advertiser has to do nothing and the ad will deleted automatically. The only time you need to renew the ad is if you wish it to keep running. Renewals are free and you will receive an email when your ad requires renewal. You will then have ten (10) days to renew the ad before it is deleted.


Q - I received an email asking if I want to upgrade my ad, should I?
A - To get the maximum exposure for your ad, we recommend that you use our "BOLD RED" and "Featured Ad" options. By using them, your ad will stand out and be rotated on the main page, search page, and browse ads page. They are an inexpensive way to help sell your RV. These charges are ONE TIME FEES and will not be required to be paid again at ad renewal time.



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