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   June 23, 2017

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We are listed on Yahoo!


MoreRVs Network Dealer Account - Overview

We realize that your time is very valuable. We have worked hard to build many unique, useful and time-saving tools like Dynamic Sales Message and ExpressAds.
You don't have any thing to lose and potentially lots of inventory to sell.


But what about the numbers?

You will invariably ask yourself the question “How many people actually visit this site?”

Here are the facts:

  • Established site - Our sites have online since 1998.

  • Growing visitor count - Over 80,000 unique visitors per month and growing.

  • Listed on Yahoo - We are listed in Listed on Yahoo, this will place our site, and your ads in front of EVERY visitor to the category.

  • Multiple site network - When you list on one of our sites, you are getting exposure using all 3 of our domain names.

  • Search Engine listings - We work very hard to promote our site and maintain high search engine listings, in fact, a search for "Motorhome classifieds" on placed at #2.
  • Pay per click advertising - Our sites are advertised using adwords and also using Overture to bring visitors to our site to view your ads.
  • Strong Return on Investment (ROI) - One very large RV dealer we know of has internet sales leads of 25% to 40% per year. If just ONE person buys an RV because s/he made contact with you through our network, your advertising with us could be paid for several YEARS. Can you afford NOT to have over 70,000 monthly visitors exposed to your inventory? Remember...all it takes is ONE extra sale every few years to pay for your advertising with us.
Take a look at some of the features we offer exclusively to dealers:

  • Dynamic Sales Messages - This revolutionary feature allows you to have custom, timed messages, class restricted messages appear on one, two, ten, or all of your ads. The best thing is that you are able to change them and they change on EVERY AD THAT HAS THAT MESSAGE, DYNAMICALLY. This feature allows you to make your ads dynamic. You can even use HTML within them for color or graphics! Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by the network.
  • Super Dealer Accounts. If you manage multiple dealers or have multiple locations, you can be a "Super Dealer" overseeing other dealerships or locations. You can assume the login of any of your dealers to manage their inventory and get reports.
  • Internet showroom - This feature gives you the ability to tell prospective buyers about your dealership. This page will also show all of your current, active ads with us.
    An example showroom is available at

  • Dealer ad title bar - This will be shown within the details of your ads. It has your dealership name, banner (if submitted), dealership address, and sales number, plus a link to your internet showroom located on the network. You will see an example of the ad title bar later in the demo.

  • Inventory reporting - This printable report will give you a clear, concise overview of all your ads both current and expired. It will allow you to easily maintain all of your online inventory on our sites.
  • Ability to list "NEW" RVs - This allows you as a dealer to list RVs that are classified as "NEW". Private sellers are prevented by law from selling vehicles classified as "NEW".

  • "ExpressADS" multi-ad submission - This is a unique feature of the network, this will allow you to list multiple ads on a single page. You will be able to type in information on RVs and select enhancements for multiple ads at the same time, thereby saving you and your staff valuable time. This is especially important with the large inventories that some dealers maintain.

  • Dealer gallery - As a dealer, you are automatically included in the dealer directory. This will enable prospective Buyers to find your dealership and internet showroom.

  • Dealer graphic displayed on search results - This Dealer graphic graphic shows that this ad was placed by a dealer.

  • Ability to designate ads with “Special price” – This will allow you to show this Special Pricing graphic which will designate this ad as having "special pricing" to help catch a potential buyers eyes.
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